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STS continues to challenge the industry with unmatched quality products valued for their design, craftsmanship and performance. We always strive to set the standards for the industry that others try to follow. Thus STS proudly maintain the leadership in this industry driven by responsive, skilled employees who boast of STS as a great place to work.


All employees are motivated by pride in the product, and their continued affiliation with a profitable company that demonstrates and rewards excellence. We pursue this vision with determination and a boundless spirit and demonstrate our belief in its ultimate reality through our decisions, actions and reactions every day at STS.

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Our Company provides expert assistance to several companies when it comes to Truck body building. We support after sales and service which  is a very important aspect in this industry, Safeway Technical Services  has dedicated team of highly experienced team of Engineers,  Mechanics & Fabricators / Technicians, who are ready to provide the service in case if there is an emergency.


STS offers its customers state of the art technology and top of the line quality by virtue of having technology licensing/distribution agreements with world leaders such as:


  1. Alhazk – Vehicle body accessories.
  2. Lyft-Tons – Hydraulic Tail gates.
  3. CLS-7 – Aluminum rolling shutters.
  4. Atlas Thermo – Refrigeration units.
  5. Hydraulic Doctor – Hydraulics specialists.


Our precisely designed product provides a safe and efficient solution for shipping, storage and full functionality in a manufacturing and/or assembly line process.With a focus on form, fit and functionality as the foundation of our design, we are able to provide customers with quality solutions for products on the move.